Five young men from northern New Jersey
on a three week cross-country road trip.
These are our adventures.
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This song.


We should have used this map on the road trip!

Body: Canon EOS 5D Mk IILens: 24-105mm f4LLocation: Morraine Campground, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO 

Editing of trip photos has begun. I’ll reblog the most interesting ones here if I remember, if not, check them out on my design page:!
This photo is of our tent and campsite during sunset on our first stop in the Rocky Mountains.-jp 
Well, our road trip is over.

Instead of staying over in Knoxville, we actually drove through the night and arrived back in north Jersey yesterday morning around 7:30. Pat’s post about staying in Knoxville was actually a decoy so I could surprise my girlfriend. It worked out well!

Today, we’re washing the rental car and returning it to Hertz.


last stop: Knoxville, TN

bittersweet, but we’ve arrived at our last stop on the Whiskey Sabbatical. Knoxville was a decent drive from the distillery and it’ll make a comfortable launch point for our all-day drive back home tomorrow. we’re hoping to arrive in Bergen County, NJ early Saturday morning, but that’s dependent on us each sharing about 4-5 hours… for now, we’re showering, grabbing a beer and catching some sleep for an early start. g’night friends! -pb

we’re grabbing BBQ lunch in “downtown” lynchburg while we wait for the next tour of the jack daniels distillery. lucky for us- they now offer tasting of their whiskey! (JD is made in a dry county)

we’re coming for you Nashville!

we had some ups and downs at the casinos, a lazy time waking up and a sort of eventful morning picking up our valeted car in new orleans, but now we’re well on the road to Nashville!

there’s just two days left on the trip, but we’re trying not to let our tired bodies and weakened spirits get the best of us! -pb

day drinking in new orleans..

that’s all we’re comfortable saying.

Lunch & Dinner, 5/24/2012.

Top: Beef Brisket sandwich from Franklin BBQ in Austin, TX. It was voted the #1 BBQ place in Austin by multiple magazines. Typically, there are hour long waits out the door, but we got lucky and waited around 10 minutes. We collectively agreed it was the most tender brisket we’ve ever had.

Bottom: Cajun shrimp, sausage, corn, and potatoes from The Boiling Pot in Austin, TX on 6th St. Dumped out on a sheet of paper and eaten by hand. 

Our hotel tonight in New Orleans is an old bank. The meeting room is the vault.